5G Networks with Renewable Energy, Fiber Optic Waveguides and AI

Even as Digicel has launched 4G LTE branded as Digicel LTE as per my ditty How to Activate a Digicel LTE Smart Plan on your Smartphone, Telecom Provider around the world are preparing for the coming of 5G by 2020. There are no standards for what qualifies as 5G, only a Roadmap from the ITU […]

Why RJR HDTV coming against Digicel and LIME 4G LTE and FTTH

Jamaica, as many of my reader know, has the slowest Data speeds in the world as I’d reported in my article “Digicel and LIME identified by Netflix’s ISP Index as the Slowest in the Caribbean”. This was way in December 2014 and with Christmas 2015 fast approaching, we’re not expecting them to get much faster. […]

WiFi On The Go: Digicel MiFi

Wifi on the go has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  MiFi the most recent addition to our Telecommunications/ISP companies list of consumer gadgets, is a portable router unit more popular known as MiFi (My Wi-fi).  With the increase in popularity of devices like Tablets and Smartphones the ability to have access to ones […]