Now Facebook has a Messenger website for your Desktop

Facebook fans who fell in love their Messenger App on their smartphone separate from the main Facebook App back in July 2014, I’ve got great news for y’all. Now Facebook has a launched the Messenger website for your Desktop on Wednesday April 8th 2015. The Facebook Messenger Website works as advertized; Messenger but in a Browser format, […]

The Jamaica Gleaner now has Cloud Based Games on its website

Panem et circenses  (Bread and Circus Games) Juvenal, Satires, X It appears that The Jamaica Gleaner has finally decided to get its game head on as it’s slowly fading out of the Media Game. The Jamaica Gleaner apparently is getting into Games in modest way, launching Cloud Gaming Flash-based versions of popular The Jamaica Gleaner […]

The Birth of Reddit by it’s founders Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian

Reddit is a super popular social media and social news website allowing users to submit and vote on content in different categories or “subreddits” ranging from popular video games, to world news, help requests and blog-like information sharing. I am a longtime Reddit user and use the site almost daily to stay on top of upcoming […]

Flow revamps Website with streamlined look for the region

Flow continues to streamline it’s brand across the English speaking Caribbean. After updating their logo a few months ago, Flow has now revamped their website to offer a similar look and feel throughout the Caribbean countries in which the Flow brand operates. These territories are Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Curacao and Grenada. The new websites […]

Facebook snags a couple Google+ features in recent update

The brainiacs behind Facebook though they will not publicly admit it has been keeping an eye on Google+. Every since Google’s new social networking site (and Facebook competitor) was unveiled just under two months ago users have praised some many of it’s features such as selecting who sees which updates, the ability to view your profile as someone else and […]