Why Viber and WhatsApp going E2EE as Telecom Providers need encryption

Looks like an encryption battle is looming in Silicon Valley! As of Tuesday April 19th 2016, Viber, the VoIP and mobile Social Network wannabee, has implemented end-to-end or E2EE encryption on all their communications as per their blog post Giving Our Users Control Over Their Private Conversations. E2EE will be rolling out to the rest […]

OUR Requests Additional Information from Digicel and LIME in VoIP Matter

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has requested additional information from telecommunications providers LIME and Digicel on their decision to block certain providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services on their network. VoIP is a technology used for the delivery of voice communications over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. The request by OUR follows meetings with the […]

How Network Neutrality and International Calling can thrive as TATT mediates VoIP Blockade by Digicel and LIME

“Unlicensed VoIP operators like Viber and Nimbuzz use telecoms networks to deliver their services, but they do not pay any money for the privilege. This unauthorized activity puts enormous pressures on bandwidth — which means customers’ data usage experience is negatively impacted as a result. As such, Digicel has been forced to take firm action […]

Digicel blocks “unlicensed” Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services

Digicel has moved to block VOIP services from using its network with immediate effect. Digicel in a news release stated that unlicensed VOIP operators use telecom networks to deliver their services, but do not pay the requisite fee. As expected the news has not been greeted well by some of its customers who use VOIP apps like […]

Geezam APPetite: Viber For The iPhone

Feed Your APPetite! Welcome to a new kind of web series that can’t quite give you a full stomach but it should at least keep you hungry and coming for more! Geezam is happy to introduce APPetite. Once or twice every month, we here at Geezam.com will bring you an extensive review of our favourite Apps. Apple (Ha! Apple), Android (Ha! […]