Grand Theft Auto V’s Main Characters each get Story Trailers

The series that popularized the open world action-adventure genre of video games will be returning for its fifth installment later this year. Grand Theft Auto V is set in fictional Los Santos in the state of San Andreas and its surrounding areas, based on modern-day Los Angeles and Southern California. GTA V’s single-player story is told through […]

An Introduction to The Elder Scrolls Online

The massively multiplayer online roleplaying game genre has been a hotbed of big name and highly anticipated releases lately. The latest to enter the spotlight is The Elder Scrolls Online a MMORPG. Announced earlier this year ESO promises to bring everything that it’s single player Elder Scrolls titles is known for to an online multiplayer setting. Th details are just […]

Diablo III Opening Cinematic

2011 is barely over and the insatiable gaming world is already looking at the big games coming out in 2012. Diablo 3 is one of those blockbuster games and Blizzard took the wraps off the opening cenimatic for its dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards which I have embedded below for […]

Dark Souls appealing to hardcore RPG fans

Dark Souls is an upcoming game Japan’s From Software and is published by NamcoBandai Games. The game is described as a dark fantasy RPG epic that is extremely difficult but provides a wonderful feeling of achievement for gamers who survive it’s dangerous world. Dungeons crawling with enemies, towering bosses ready to dish out the pain tied in with some […]

Angry Birds Rio Trailer

Angry Birds is a puzzle game that flew unto the scene just over a year ago and since then has been a runaway success. Developed by Finland-based Rovio Mobile the game has been downloaded on various platforms over 50 million times as players take control of a flock of birds that are attempting to retrieve eggs that […]

Homefront – Korea is coming to get you!

The first person shooter genre is a very popular type of video game that some might argue might be somewhat over-saturated as of late. Indeed some of the most successful titles have been first person shooters and THQ is looking to get on the action with Homefront – a story driven set in a near future America in 2027 when a now-nuclear armed  and united Korean People’s Army invades the  good ole US of A. The game is written by John Milius, a veteran writer of war related material as he co-wrote the successful films Apocalypse Now and wrote Red Dawn.

Info about the Game

Homefront is speculative fiction, set in a near-future, post peak oil world that features a significantly declined United States, and a united Korea that has built a massive alliance in East Asia. The game focuses on the collapse of the United States, subsequent occupation by the Greater Korean Republic – a united Korea under the rule of the North – and the American Resistance that fights said occupation. The player is invited to join the American resistance, “using guerrilla tactics, commandeering military vehicles, and utilizing advanced drone technology.” The game will also feature vehicle based 32 player online warfare using dedicated servers. Take a look at a recently released developer diary embedded below. Read more about Homefront – Korea is coming to get you!

40 Stories Game Trailer

40 Stories is a puzzle game where you must create duplicates of yourself to escape 40 challenging floors. It is being developed by over 60 Chico State University students in the Applied Computer Graphics, Computer Science, and Recording Arts departments.

In 40 Stories, you play as Anita Hent, a disgruntled technical support employee who is on a mission to leave her office. In Anita’s haste, she runs into the megalomaniacal Professor Darius McDoogle, who zaps her with his reality altering Quantum Stabilizer, which then gives Anita the power to clone herself. Anita must now traverse her ever changing office building with the help of her very own Fanboy and escape McDoogle’s grasp. Trailer embedded below. Read more about 40 Stories Game Trailer