How 10 Things make Samsung’s SUHD TV special this Christmas

The SUHD TV is truly a game changer in the landscape of television as pointed out in What Does TV Mean to You and the Samsung SUHD Revolution. Television with such high picture quality and energy efficiency did not exist in the past incarnation of Television sets. But the past decade have seen rapid developements […]

Samsung’s SUHD Smart TV running Tizen OS as UHD Alliance Grows and Internet of Things Beckons

Samsung has hit one straight out of the ballpark yet again at CES 2015 signaling that 4K is officially here to stay. During their keynote Presentation on Tuesday January 6th 2015 at the biggest Electronics Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada that was attended by President and CEO of Samsung Electronics, BK Yoon, Samsung basically told […]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch coming to Jamaica while reppin’ for Tizen

When I’d been called to the Samsung Launch Event that was held at their Samsung Experience Store in Tropical Plaza in Half-Way-Tree on Thursday October 16th 2014, my thoughts were that this was just a launch for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as summarized in my article Samsung Launches quartet of Note-worthy Products to Tab […]

Samsung Tizen to be reincarnated in Diwali Festival of Lights as Q4 looks like a Bleak Christmas Carol

One thing you must give Samsung credit for just simply not giving up on Tizen OS, despite having failed back in July 2014 to enter the Russian market as I’d reported in Samsung Z running Tizen OS fails to enter Russian Market hints at Caribbean and Latin American Launch. Samsung now plans to launch the […]

Samsung Z running Tizen OS fails to enter Russian Market hints at Caribbean and Latin American Launch

Samsung just can’t seem to get a break. The Samsung Z9000 ZEQ, more popularly known as the Samsung Z smartphone, failed to Launch in Russia this week of Sunday July 6th 2014. No reasons have been forthcoming, but based on the fact that this smartphone’s running Tizen OS, it’s not hard to guess the problem: […]

Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona announces Huawei Ascend P2 as Samsung debuts Tizen OS

The Mobile World Congress 2013 (MWC) Kicked off on Monday February 25th 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. It the show everyone’s been waiting for as it’s the Telecom Worlds showcase of the latest and greatest smartphone and Tablet product launches for the Telecoms Equipment Supplier World. An already, even before the official show gets underway, there’s […]