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Reviewing Super Secret Mobile Messaging Apps

So here we are... smack-dab in this post-snowden, post-wikileaks era, relatively fresh off the Vybz Kartel conviction and in a world where the rise and fall of the day's celebrities are telegraphed, televised, devised and demised by Twitter and other social media. In this hyper-sensitive age of information, buttons and screens and the need to stay connected are the orders of the day... but this itch that needs to be scratched, like any positive thing in life, is haunted by the darkside. While billions all over the world whoosh and swish messages from one end of the world to the other using apps like WhatsApp on their Android, iOS and even Blackberry devices, others bolt and cower in fear at the very thought of the NSA (or some other real or imaginary element of Big Brother) snooping at the...