AIS HIMS at UWHI heralds AI Telemedicine in Jamaica via Medical Databases

“Another great feature of this platform is that it offers queue management, persons will have specific appointment times and be able to track wait times from monitors in the waiting area. The application also allows for inventory management which is also important especially for the pharmacy. Through the system drug inventories can be easily monitored […]

Remote Care Management & Telemedicine heralds AI Healthcare in Jamaica

“We had tremendous interest in the devices and the technology. This is where health is going globally especially in terms of telemedicine and remote care management and even just individual health monitoring and management” Chairman and CEO, AIS, Doug Halsall speaking at the MAJ (Medical Association of Jamaica) Symposium and Awards Banquet Advances in health […]

AIS and Dyno Sense heralds Telemedicine Future of Health Care in Jamaica

The Caribbean’s leading health technology company, Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) aims to improve the quality of healthcare through telemedicine. AIS have already rolled out technology that will transform Jamaica into a country with the most comprehensive health information database, making telemedicine an easy transition. Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technology to provide […]