Droplet Robotic Watering System is A Green Thumb’s companion to the Miimo Lawnmower

Slowly but surely the Robots are taking over ….at least in the Garden. Remember the Miimo, Honda’s Robotic Lawnmower that make mulch out of grass as explained in Honda debuts their first practical robot, the Miimo – Where AI meets the Real World? Now comes the Droplet Robotic Water System that waters your plants with […]

Jamaica’s National Security Ministry plans CCTV Network and Automated Traffic Ticketing System

By now, dear reader, you may be aware of the Boston Bombings in Boston, Massachusetts, close to the prestigious MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the very rapid capture in less than a week of the 2 suspects Tamerland Tsarnaev, 26, and his brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19. The reason for their rapid identification and seizure […]

How to boot or install Fedora Linux on your laptop or computer from a Thumb Drive

Now that you can install any Windows OS from your thumb drive as per my instructions in How to install Microsoft Windows from your USB Drive, lovers of Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu Linux or Fedora Linux are possibly a little jealous. “What about us?” you impassioned plea plaintively craving knowledge. These alternative OS are […]

Windows 7 trumps Windows XP for Pole Position – Windows 8 Cloudy Future

This just in, my dear readers! Windows 7 is now the No. 1 Operating System for WinTel (Windows and Intel) machines worldwide. This after bearing the dominance of the Windows XP OS, which has held that position for the last ten (10) years, a testament ironically more to the power of software piracy than the quality […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Event set for October 19

Ice Cream Sandwich is the code name for version 4.0 of the Android mobile operating system. After previewing Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference in May Google is ready to reveal it to the world at an event set for October 19th in Hong Kong. The original event was set for October 11th but was postponed out of respect […]

Samsung’s “bada” mobile operating system gets updated to 2.0

Samsung’s bada mobile operating system was introduced Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona in February 2010. More than a year later a slew of updates is present in to the latest bada 2.0 version that could make it a decent competitor in the mobile OS wars against the likes of Android iOS, Blackberry and Windows […]