Supreme Ventures JustBet Mobile sees winnings Quisk-ed to NCB Account

“We are forging ahead with moving our gaming services to mobile and the JustBet mobile platform is part of that push. We recognize the need for user convenience and accessibility and going mobile will provide this to all our gamers here and elsewhere” Assistance Vice President, Corporate Communications, Simone Clarke-Cooper on Supreme Ventures’s  JustBet going […]

Supreme Ventures funds Junior Creators Robotics Summer Camp

“We’re very proud to stage this camp, because we feel strongly about training young minds, equipping them to operate in this new, more fast-paced world where innovation is key. We wanted to give the opportunity to young people who perhaps would otherwise not have had it, so we have asked for participation from 10 Primary […]

How US Banks upgrading to Cashless ATM as Jamaica dances with Mobile Money

In the US of A, the Cardless ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is gaining traction as there is a rash of US bank are installing Cardless ATM’s. These Cardless ATM’s allow their various clients to use their smartphones and Mobile Money apps to transact business with their banks, even set up bank accounts as well as withdraw […]