Filter Your Words, Not Just Your Photos

#Riverton. Since that fateful day when once again flames engulfed the Riverton Dump the usually robust Jamaican social media space was once again a buzz with over 17,000 tweets going out between March 10th and April 5th 2015 (stats courtesy of Topsy Analytics). Thousands of tweets and posts displaying an array of the emotions of […]

Samsung’s Smart School are Tablets for VARK Hexagons of Learning

“With Smart School we seek to contribute to the educational processes of the country , accelerating the adoption of technological tools in the classroom and developing interactive digital content to enrich the current methods of teaching and learning” Citizenship Manager for Samsung Electronics Latinoamerics, Ms Silvia Cuervas on January 23rd 2015 on the launch of […]

Samsung Gear Smartwatch is too Dick Tracey and not Simple enough to want you to Rock the Future on your Wrist

“If you can explain something in simple Terms, you don’t know enough about the subject” Albert Einstein Adding to the Yule Log Samsung’s much rumored Smartwatch, the Samsung Gear, for which Samsung has been filing trademark claims for the name “Samsung Galaxy Gear”. Well Folks, Samsung has finally launched the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch on […]