Digicel going Triple-SIM with Acer Liquid E700 smartphone

“We’re committed to ensuring our customers have access to the latest and greatest handsets which in turn open up a world of possibilities for them on our 4G network. The Acer Liquid E700 smartphone is a perfect choice for our style-savvy, on-the-go customers as it meets both their business and personal needs. We are happy […]

Samsung to launch Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Core in May 2013 as Dual-SIM Smartphone Trend accelerates

Looks like I spoke too soon in my previous article Trend towards Dual-SIM Smartphones developing in Jamaica as MNP Approaches on the coming trend of Dual-SIM (Subscriber Identification Module). Come this May 2013, Samsung is officially taking a stab at this market with the Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Core, pictured below: This Low-budget Dual-SIM beauty’s packing […]

How to make your own Micro-SIM or Nano-SIM Card

Despite what you may wish to say about Apple, they are truly the real innovators in the Telecoms World when it comes to smartphones. Their Apple iPhone with its introduction of Capacitive Touch Screen that removes the physical keyboard has become the much envied and copied smartphone tech in the UE (User Equiptment) world. And […]

PS Vita – Great Hardware prospects for a mobile phone

Preorders for the PS Vita, the successor of the hugely popular Platstation Portable have already begun as the Vita officially hits stores in Australia, Europe, Latin and North America on February 22 2011. The PS Vita first announced June 6, 2011 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) officially launched in Japan and other parts of Asia on […]