How to Repair a Broken Screen on a Smartphone or Tablet

If you’re reading this then it either means you either miraculously survived the New Years or you have a Tablet or Smartphone with a broken Screen, a common ailment that afflicts many Millennials (ages 18 to 28) who can’t live without their “precious”. Apparently, the New Year isn’t starting off so great for you if […]

Augmented Reality Contact Lens development will shrink smartphones to Feature Phone size

“Now that we have established the basic technology, we can start working towards real possibly available in only a few years.” Lead researcher Professor Herbert De Smet at the Ghent University Centre of Microsystems Technology in Belgium on the development on AR (Augmented Reality) Contact Lens In a previous article AR Contact Lenses tested successfully […]

Kyoto University’s Water-powered Smartphone Batteries and SHARP’s IGZO power Efficient Screen for 2013

Two (2) recent developments coming out of Japan have put that First World Country back on the Technology Radar for me prompting a quick observation on its future. As in the immediate future, like next year 2013! This as there is now a strong trending towards higher resolution 5” 1080p Screens with 441 ppi (pixels […]