Schneider Electric APC NetShelter SX now has Cisco Certification for UCS servers

“As businesses face the growing challenge of balancing increasingly complex IT systems with faster speed to market requirements, it is more important than ever for vendors to work together to provide their channel partners and customers with the most simplified, easily deployable solution that fulfills today’s connectivity and certainty needs” Senior vice president, Europe and […]

Schneider Electric donates LED Lights to Caribbean islands hit by Hurricane Irma

“Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management, a leadership role that comes with great responsibility and commitment……” Marketing Communications Manager for Schneider Electric, Caribbean Region, Manuel Gonzalez, commenting on the donation to the International Red Cross and SOS Attitude Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, made a significant donation […]

Gartner recognizes Schneider Electric’s leadership in ADMS

“I’m exceedingly proud of the talented professionals whose expertise, dedication, and ceaseless commitment to innovation has again made Gartner’s recognition possible. We believe being named a leader in ADMS once again is a tangible reflection of our constant pursuit of what digitization can really accomplish, in this case with respect to grid efficiency and asset […]

Schneider Electric’s BE425M, BE600M1 and BE850M2 Internet Back-UPS in Jamaica

“Consumers’ dependency on connectivity continues to grow as electronics, smart devices and the home network become increasingly important for both entertainment and work. Defending the digital experience through reliable backup power is essential to everyday life” Franklin Guerrero, Sales Director, Channels Sales-Miami Exporters and Caribbean Region Schneider Electric has launched a new line of APC […]

Schneider Electric Acquires Renewable Choice Energy

“As clean energy reaches price parity with traditional energy, companies are taking aggressive steps to integrate renewables. We are seeing tremendous demand from clients to source a mix of green energy at a competitive rate” Steve Wilhite, Senior Vice President of Energy and Sustainability Services, Schneider Electric commenting on the purchase of Renewable Choice Energy […]

How Schneider Electric Li-ion Battery replaces VRLA Batteries for 3-Phase UPS

“While VRLAs remain the dominant UPS energy storage technology due to their low cost and high reliability, lithium-ion is becoming a more attractive option for a growing set of customers”   Vice President of Secure Power Systems, Schneider Electric, Pedro Robredo, commenting on their Lithium-ion Battery Options for Its 3-Phase UPS Solutions Schneider Electric, a […]

How APC’s Mobile Power Pack save Millennials from Smartphone Death

The smartphone is indisputably one of the most indispensible aspects of both our personal and professional lives. While tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC giants battle for marketshare, APC’s Mobile Power Pack is making sure that users don’t suffer in the meantime. The smartphone market, which was seen as […]

Schneider Electric receives Award for installing SagradaFamilia’s Micro Data Centre

“Since their launch, the DatacenterDynamics Leaders Awards have become the ‘Oscars’ of our industry. We’re very pleased therefore to receive this accolade – it is a great credit to the team of people who worked on this project both at SagradaFamilia and within Schneider Electric” Executive Vice-President, IT Business, Schneider Electric, Hal Grant, on winning […]