How Samsung’s helps you to say I Love You this Valentine’s Day

Technology unites us in many ways. It allows us to share our greatest moments with our loved ones and helps us keep them near to us. Samsung’s award winning products as listed in How Samsung won 100 Innovation Awards at CES 2016 are capable of creating wonderful love environments, transform our sexual routine in fun […]

How 10 Things make Samsung’s SUHD TV special this Christmas

The SUHD TV is truly a game changer in the landscape of television as pointed out in What Does TV Mean to You and the Samsung SUHD Revolution. Television with such high picture quality and energy efficiency did not exist in the past incarnation of Television sets. But the past decade have seen rapid developements […]

How Samsung SUHD TV, Gear VR and Level On Pro are great Christmas gifts

The latest edition of the Gear VR is compatible with even more smartphones, including the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, S6 and S6 Edge as declared in US$99 Samsung Gear VR in November 2015 is a fanboy’s VR Dream. The AMOLED screens in each of these devices lend to a clear colourful and amazing […]

What Does TV Mean to You and the Samsung SUHD Revolution

The television isn’t just an electronic appliance. It is a mental escape, a late-night companion, a gateway that offers a glimpse into another place and time, either real or manufactured. It is a device that has come to represent the modern man and has undeniably changed the course of history over the past century. Yet, […]