30% Blackberry Blackout by Corporate and Enterprise – Bring Your Favourite Gear

As we Jamaicans say “Bad luck wuss dan obeah”. It just is not Blackberry’s Year, people! First, they have no smartphones to begin with, as even RIM (Research in Motion) themselves have opted not to class themselves in that category, as really, there is nothing “smart” about their phones. Their Tablet, the RIM Playbook, got cursed […]

Apple’s Revolution: Android @ Home and IceCream Sandwich in 2015AD

The Apple iPhone is an honest to goodness, genuine revolution in the US Mobile smartphone space. The Apple iPhone revolutionized what a smartphone is, making unpopular AT&T a bonafide Rising Star. And now Google Android OS, that zany alphabet-soup food themed OS, is taking over that space along with the International Mobile smartphone space! But […]

The Blackberry Playbook has arrived

The long awaiting Blackberry Playbook tablet computer has been released today in North America. RIM is entering a market dominated by Apple’s iPad but with fierce competition existing and on the horizon from from HP (webOS) Samsung (Android) and Microsoft (Windows). The buzz surrounding the Playbook’s launch is nowhere near that of the iPad but industry professionals are quick to point […]

RIM Playbook Launch Date – Win one for the Enterprise and Corporate Team

It’s Official, folks. RIM, makers of the iconic Blackberry, an Enterprise platform’s best friend, is planning to launch their RIM Playbook on Sunday April 10th 2011 according to BGR (Boy Genius Report). But before you, dear reader, start cavorting about and grinding you hand crank organ like a Hurdy-Gurdy Man, Caveat Lector! This somber date […]

RIM PlayBook and Jamaica – Les French Conneccion Internacional

Tablets are definately the buzz word this February 2011, with a slew of new releases occurring so frequently, that Silicon Valley might have to start setting up a Box Office to sell movie tickets to attend these Developer conferences and Launch Presentations. For the record, that is an idea for some in Silicon Valley or […]

Government of India Postpones Blackberry Ban

Research in Motion Ltd (RIM) has been at odds with quite a few countries lately as it relates to their Blackberry service and the encryption method used by RIM protect customer data. India is one of those countries as the Government of the fast rising country and home to the second largest population in the world gave RIM an October 31, 2010 deadline to all the government access to to the protected data.

RIM and the Government of India has come to a temporary agreement which allow Blackberries to continue to be available in India at least until  a final solution is agreed upon by January 31, 2011 so that the government can have continued access to the encrypted data. Press release below. Read more about Government of India Postpones Blackberry Ban

Why are Blackberries so Popular?

Blackberries have been around for just about a decade, providing the first feasible mobile solution to corporate men looking to stay connected on the go. Without doubt blackberry have held onto this market ever since, we are however not here to talk about the old and boring coporate men in suites and ties, we are here to talk about blackberry’s popularity.

Blackberry Platform vs Others

I am a Symbian guy. Many of you unfamiliar with mobile technology might ask: “What the hell is Symbian??”. Well Symbian is the most popular smartphone platform in the word, 40% of every smartphone sold is a symbian smartphone, mainly by Nokia. Blackberry might lack symbian’s numbers worldwide but the platform rules in the western hemisphere and commands as much mindshare and accultism as the iPhone. People literally worship the devices and teens cry tears for them, the blackberry is that powerful. What was once a rich guy’s clunky email brick is now a teenage girl’s dream(to stay in contact with friends), and a teenage boy’s fantasy(get all those girls with a trendy bb). Read more about Why are Blackberries so Popular?