Save up to 20-50% on your electricity bill using powerpree.

How To Save 20-50% On Your Electricity Bill Using PowerPree

Yo! Why Pree!? A PowerPree eh-nuh.. Ever asked yourself: Why am I paying so much for your electricity bill? I am conserving on power usage but why are my monthly bills not reflecting such? You are not alone my friends! Jamaicans are all too familiar with the high cost of electricity over the years – […]

How to Legally Activate installed Microsoft Products – Office 2010’s in the Lost and Found

Have you every installed a copy of a Microsoft program but found the program crippled due to your lack of a Product Key to fully activate the product? This must the especially annoying especially if the product is Microsoft Office 2010 and you are pulling one of those College all-nighters with the aim of handing […]