Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Preview

Resident Evil is a very successful survival horror video game that was originally released in 1996 by Capcom and was a critical success spawning various sequels on various platforms as well as expanding into movies, comics, action figures and more. Resident Evil” Operation Racoon City is an upcoming game in the series that promises a […]

Preview of Windows 8 User interface [Video]

Coinciding with Microsoft Windows president Steven Sinofsky’s keynote at D9 Conference, Microsoft has released a video that gives a quick sample of the user interface in the next windows release being called “Windows 8” which expected to be released sometime in mid 2012. The video features Jensen Harris who is the Director of Program Management for the Windows User […]

Rift: Planes of Telara now released

Rift: Planes of Telara or “Rift” is a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Trion Worlds a gaming studio headquartered in California but with offices in Texas and Europe. Rift is the company’s main product, set to launch today March 1st in the Americas and March 4th in Europe but just what is Rift […]

Elemental: War of Magic Preview

Elemental: War of Magic is an an upcoming turn based fantasy strategy game from software development company Stardock. The game puts the player in the role of a magic wielding sovereign who through the influence and instruction of the player achieves various goals. Players decide on which technologies to research, magic to learn, where to found new cities, diplomatic relations with neighbors, when to go to war all with the aim of being the master the Elemental world.

elemental war of magic game logo

Stardock is no stranger to strategy games as they have produced critically acclaimed titles like Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod and the Galactic Empires series in the past. With Elemental: War of Magic however the creators intend to have a rich story driven game that will attract and retain players with it’s depth while still being mod friendly and introducing enough new game-play elements to separate it from the fantasy strategy gaming crowd. Read more about Elemental: War of Magic Preview