Samsung Announces the Launch of the Galaxy A5 and A3 in Jamaica

Samsung announced the launch of the Galaxy A3 and A5 in Jamaica. Featuring a sophisticated and delicate design, as well as the most advanced features for social media users, it will allow young consumers to capture and share their most exciting adventures in a quick and easy way. “When we are immersed in the development […]

Rumoured 3D Smartphone coming from Amazon

The tech community is holding their collective breath and exploring various levels of speculation and rumors as amazon announces a press event planned for Seattle on June 18. A 3D smartphone is the rumor getting the most attention as a teaser video released by Amazon alongside the event announcement shows various amazon “customers” holding a device […]

Slash Roots (/Roots) Developer Conference

Creating a technology industry that drives innovation and a community responsive to global trends cannot occur in a vacuum. In today’s world, specific institutional support systems produce the technical resources that drive business and competitiveness. The ./roots Developer Conference is about creating and fostering those support systems within the Jamaican context. The conference reflects the […]