Google Play Movies expands to Jamaica, Trinidad and 10+ more Countries

Many countries and regions of the world especially the Caribbean is often region-locked from many online services available to larger more affluent countries. Also, some of the few times countries like Jamaica, Trinidad and Antigua and Barbuda are included we are stuck with watered down selections (Netflix) or grouped together with Latin America because apparently […]

Deer Hunter 2014 – Hunting Simulator on your mobile phone

Deer Hunter 2014 is a very addictive and fun to play mobile game that recently became available on Android. It is aimed at fans of first person shooters and hunting simulators and provides bite sized pieces of enjoyment for anyone with an Android phone capable of running the game. Deer Hunter 2014 is a simple […]

Google Play has big sale to celebrate 25 billion downloads

Google Play is celebrating 15 billion App downloads, that’s BILLION with a “B”. If it seems very recent that Google was hawking on about the 10 Billion mark that is because it was, December 2011 to be exact. Since then the Android Market has been re-branded to Google Play and Android has undergone a very significant “Jelly […]

Android Market re-branded Google Play in a effort to better showcase digital content

Google has re-branded Android Market in it’s latest effort to attract a bigger piece of the digital pie. With services like Google Music, Google Books etc it seemed that the big G was splinttered and unorganized agaist the likes of iTunes and Amazon who have more streamlined and accessible systems. Google Play is (hopefully) the […]