Bandai Namco and Nintendo’s Metroid Prime 4 for June 2018 debut at E3

Gamers, the rumours are indeed true; there is a Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch. Considered the hottest selling console gaming platform of 2017 as noted in How the Nintendo Switch is the hottest Gaming Console in US History, the Metroid Prime 4 would be like taking out the good cutlery to serve to […]

Nintendo 3DS Release Dates and Games announced

Nintendo has revealed the details on pricing and availability for its highly anticipated Nintend 3DS. The dual screened autostereoscopic 3D handheld boasts 3d graphics without the need for special glasses and retains the familiar form factor of it’s predecessor. Nintendo 3DS will become available on the 26th of February in Japan, March 25th in Europe on, 2011, and […]

Nintendo 3DS has 3D gaming without Glasses

The Nintendo 3DS was expected to be officially revealed at E3 2010 after it was leaked a few weeks ago forcing Nintendo to announce that it existed. The 3DS is the successor to the the current Nintendo DS with its main feature being the ability to play handheld games in 3D without the need for special glasses.

The Nintendo 3DS weighs slightly more than the DS lite at 230 grams but the overall forfactor remains the same. Games for the 3DS will come on 2gb cardsbut will come with an extra lip to prevent the new cards which will be identical to those for the original DS being inserted in the wrong system. The 3DS will be backwards compatible with the DS. No concreate release date and pricing has been announced but Nintendo states that but will be available before March 2011. Read more about Nintendo 3DS has 3D gaming without Glasses