Google Event on September 29th 2015 to launch Nexus running Marshmallow

Google, having just recently changed their logo as reported in Kelroy’s article Google updates its Logo, isn’t gonna let the momentum drop anytime soon. They’ve now announced that they’re holding an event on Tuesday September 29th 2015 to unveil their latest Nexus flagship smartphones running Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It’s also been confirmed who the […]

Google now has a Nexus Family of devices powered by Android

Its been five years since Android came unto the mobile OS scene and what a transformation it has gone though in the past couple years. From a clunky, buggy, not very user-friendly platform to a super smooth, feature rich mobile operating system able to run on a variety of devices. It is my believe that Android has […]

Google I/O recap – Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean, Google Glasses and more

Google I/O is underway and the Keynote address to start things off could have been very overwhelming with the torrent of information, products and even live skydiving that was shown off. Below is a quick synopsis of the major announcements of the Google I/O keynote in a more easy to absorb bite sized format, you […]

Galaxy Nexus – Ice Cream Sandwich goodness from Samsung and Google

Google and Samsung officially took the wraps off their new high end phone the Galaxy Nexus at an event held in Hong Kong today. The hardware specs and other information about the phone had been leaking all over the internet long before it’s official release but it was the stage demo of the new version of Android […]

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Event set for October 19

Ice Cream Sandwich is the code name for version 4.0 of the Android mobile operating system. After previewing Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference in May Google is ready to reveal it to the world at an event set for October 19th in Hong Kong. The original event was set for October 11th but was postponed out of respect […]

Google Nexus One Smartphone

A Google branded phone has been on and off the rumor radar for many months but about 2 weeks ago it shred it’s “rumor” label and blasted into reality with the revelation that thousands of Google phones called “Nexus One” were given to Google employees for testing and that the official release of the phone was right around the corner and set for January 2010. It didn’t take long for more and more information to start leaking and soon images, videos and specs for the now highly anticipated smartphone started appearing on the internet days before it’s announcement by Google.

That official announcement has now come and the media is buzzing with news about the Android 2.1 powered Google Nexus One Smartphone which is available unlocked for $530 directly from Google or for $180 via a 2 year contract through US carrier T-Mobile. Read more about Google Nexus One Smartphone