Jamaica Animation Nation Network launch and Intellectual Property Workshop

The Jamaica Animation Nation Network (JANN) will be having its official launch on Saturday July 26th and will also be hosting a workshop to allow creators to learn how to manage their intellectual property and monetize your creativity. The event is aimed at anyone interested in animation, whether professional or new comer such as Animators, Illustrators, Writers, Storyboard […]

How to download Photo Albums and Videos from your Personal and your Friend’s Profile on Facebook

Attention! So you like that Picture I just posted eh ? The video giving you green eye nuh? Too bad you can’t copy the URL for the photo album or Video that bedazzled your eyes, as that link’s only valid to yourself or your friends or persons who are logged into Facebook. YOU however can send […]

LIME Jamaica Announces All Network $2.99 Prepaid One Rate

Jamaica’s leading telecommunications company, LIME, today announced an unprecedented low one rate of $2.99 per minute for all pre-paid calls to any domestic and select international numbers. As of midnight tonight, LIME’s standard Talk EZ Prepaid customers will enjoy the historically low $2.99 per minute rate – billed on a per second basis – to […]

How to expand and secure your Wi-Fi Network with Power-Line Adaptors

If you’ve got Broadband Internet from FLOW of LIME, you probably may have noticed that you can’t get Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) everywhere in the house. Some part of your house may have thicker walls with more metallic structures. As such, metal i.e. steel, zinc nails, iron grills attenuate radio waves and thereby shorten the 100m […]

Digicel Launches 4G Mobile Network

Digicel has announced the launch of its brand new 4G Mobile network which will see customers all across Jamaica enjoying a completely unique mobile experience with reliable, superfast internet speeds. The launch of Digicel 4G Mobile means customers island-wide can now surf their favourite websites like Facebook, stream videos from YouTube and share messages and […]

Guyanese DTV company gears up to test TD LTE Network

Georgetown, Guyana – Moviestar Guyana, a Guyanese digital television company announced via their Facebook page that it plans to test 24 high definition channels over its new TD-Lte 4G network currently being deployed across the Capital City, Georgetown. The company via its social networking page had been telling customers since 2011 that in 2012 they […]