WiFi On The Go: Digicel MiFi

Wifi on the go has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  MiFi the most recent addition to our Telecommunications/ISP companies list of consumer gadgets, is a portable router unit more popular known as MiFi (My Wi-fi).  With the increase in popularity of devices like Tablets and Smartphones the ability to have access to ones […]

MiFi Hits Cayman thanks to Digicel and LIME

With devices getting smaller and more internet ready, internet access on the go has been an issue here in the Cayman. Thankfully, Mobile ISP providers Digicel and LIME have heard the call and have both addressed the issue. Their answer was MiFi. MiFi (A clever acronym for Mobile Wifi) offers internet connectivity over the air […]

Crouching LIME Huawei E586 Mi-Fi – Hidden Dekal Wireless Dragon

On Friday October 21st 2011AD, LIME decided to let loose the Mobile Hotspot on the masses of 3G users. Specifically, the Huawei E586 Mobile Hotspot, or “Mi-Fi” as our American cousins to the North call this contrivance of Telecom Providers to have us spend more money using their addictive Wireless Broadband services. The Press Release can be […]