9 Stories from 2013 that show the rising power of Social Media in Jamaica

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and other social media websites are some of the most popular and most visited/used websites by Jamaicans. With more and more Jamaicans getting access to the internet especially via mobile phones, social media sites are a frequent buzz with local happenings. Below are some of the top stories from 2013 that  show […]

Winter is Coming as Google+ is on a collision course to beat Facebook by 2016

“Partnership has been key to Google’s success as a rising tide lifts all boats. So we’re excited to announce a new way to help our clients succeed by working with Facebook to participate in FBX, their real-time bidding exchange” DoubleClick’s Senior Product Manager Payam Shodjai, on Facebook’s decision to include Google’s Doubleclick in their FBX […]

Angry Reactions to Youtube’s new Google+ Intergrated Commenting System

The Youtube community of content creators and users alike has been in collective uproar since Google decided to change the commenting system on Youtube and require all users wishing to leave a comment on the video sharing site to have a Google+ account. There are major problems with the new change. users must comment with […]

How to download Photo Albums and Videos from your Personal and your Friend’s Profile on Facebook

Attention! So you like that Picture I just posted eh ? The video giving you green eye nuh? Too bad you can’t copy the URL for the photo album or Video that bedazzled your eyes, as that link’s only valid to yourself or your friends or persons who are logged into Facebook. YOU however can send […]

Yahoo Revamps Flickr and ups free storage space to 1 Terabyte

Not long ago Flickr was the undisputed king of the social media hill when it came to photography. However after years of being the leader by being on the bleeding edge of innovation Yahoo allowed the property to stagnate and it was eventually overtaken by newer trendier products such as 500px and other social media […]

Facebook Home announced alongside HTC First

At a press event today in California Facebook has announced a new software for Android phones called Facebook Home. Facebook Home is a suite of apps that integrates the world’s largest social network almost every functionality of an android-powered smartphone. The mobile web is an area Facebook is keep on cementing its presence in and […]

New “Blast” service promises discounts for customers and exposure for merchants

Yesterday I got the news of a new service launched in Jamaica that promises discounts for customers and exposure for merchants. That service is called “Blast” and with its BlastPass feature can be best explained as social media meets discount shopping. Services that recommend products and offer discounts is nothing new, but one that embraces social media that put […]