Top 13 Geezam posts of 2013

2013 was an eventful year in technology. Geezam continued to strive to be the premiere Caribbean based technology blog publishing a variety of articles from our small team of writers on topics such as product launches, reviews, howto articles and opinion pieces. Geezam aims to continue on the path of growth in 2014 and expand […]

Best of from 2011 was started in December 2009. Two years later the website has grown and evolved into one of the main Caribbean based technology blogs. 2011 was a good year for in which the team was expanded and though a more refined posting schedule the readership has increased. 2012 is looking like a year that […]

Top 5 recent fails in Smartphone Technology

The smartphone world in the last 3 years have seen more hype than ever before, three new operating systems came to life: iphone OS (rebranded iOS), android OS and webOS. With all the innovations and the attempts in innovations there were a few who failed, both technology-wise and in PR blunders. This is my top 5 list of smartphones and their technologies in the last 3 years that deserve a big failing grade.

iphone 4 black and white

5. Nokia N-gage 2.0

The N-gage 2.0 gaming platform was one of the most hyped and promising innovation of the time. The gaming service touted chatrooms, online gaming, scoreboards and an on-device storefront to purchase games-the first true appstore. Nokia carried out heavy marketing and touted the service as the future of mobile gaming, however what followed was one of the biggest fails in Nokia’s history. The first thing that crippled the service was the small amount of devices that were supported, many of which only supported the service in theory but never performed well with it. Only big name companies could build games for the service, the two man developer group had no chance and could not get a license, this could have been forgiven if those big companies churned out a lot of quality games, however a lot of games were of poor quality and had lackluster gameplay. Nokia crippled what could have been the best gaming service on a smartphone bar none and it will continue to haunt them in the foreseeable future. This deserves number 5 on this list. Read more about Top 5 recent fails in Smartphone Technology

5 Alternative Web Browser Choices

Your internet browser is one of the most important and most used pieces of software that you install on your computer whether it is a Windows, Mac or Linux powered system. Privacy and security, standards compliance and features such as feed aggregation and plug-in support are some important facets that capable web browsers should posses.

Internet Explorer is currently the most used web browser with over 60% of market share

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera are the more well known web browsers but what other options do web surfers have and what are the benefits? Read more about 5 Alternative Web Browser Choices