System76 Lemur: My Purebred Linux Laptop

As an advocate for Open Source Technology, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and purchased a purebred-Linux based laptop, the System76 Lemur. I’m pleased with this purchase and I’ll be sharing a few bells and whistle along with the deltas that I’ve noticed over the past seven months.   , you may not […]

Reference: Expensive accounting software may be replaced with open source alternatives.

Tertiary Institutions in Jamaica should use more Open Source

Hi, welcome to another post in the series where I’m preaching the gospel of Open Source Software (OSS) to my fellow Jamaicans and today the focus is on Tertiary education. Tertiary institutions across the globe have been utilising Open Source to drive research and innovation. I believe that our local tertiary institutions should follow suit […]

SMBE – Running on Open Source Software

Welcome to another post in the series, where I’ll be expressing my views on open source technology and the benefits to Jamaica. This is the second write-up and I’ll be showing how open source software benefits the business sector. If you missed the first post please feel free to catch up. The economics and social benefits […]

How to recover a files made invisible by malware using Fedora and Command

After a few close encounters with viruses that make files on your thumb drive invisible, I’ve become a veritable expert in recovering such Thumb drives. So after doing my latest “Defence against the Dark Arts” article for the Apple-philic peeps in How to protect your Mac for Viruses, as apparently Macs can get viruses too […]

How to boot or install Fedora Linux on your laptop or computer from a Thumb Drive

Now that you can install any Windows OS from your thumb drive as per my instructions in How to install Microsoft Windows from your USB Drive, lovers of Linux Distributions such as Ubuntu Linux or Fedora Linux are possibly a little jealous. “What about us?” you impassioned plea plaintively craving knowledge. These alternative OS are […]

HP and Web OS – 2011 is the Year of the Linux on PC

Hewlett-Packard, the little printing company that makes possibly the best if not the greatest printers in the world, is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to diversifying your business. Already they are No. 2 PC (Personal Computer) and Laptop maker globally, thanks to buying Compaq and making rebranded versions of their PC […]