Chromebooks get Secure Wi-Fi, VPN and other updates

The Cloud based Chrome OS is aimed at individuals and businesses wishing to free themselves from the high upkeep costs of having Windows or Mac based machines. Everything done in Chrome OS is saved in the clouds and allows users to access their information from anywhere there is an internet connection. Google recently rolled out the first […]

MacBook Air gets updated with new Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt

Apple has updated it’s Macbook Air line of super slim notebook computers. The Macbook Air comes in 11 inch and 13 inch models with processor speeds and hard drive capacity ranging from GHz dual core and 64GB on the 11 inch model to GHz and 256GB on the 13 inch model. New additions and pricing The real new features for the […]

Acer Aspire Ethos – Mobile Entertainment Laptops

Laptops are no longer the under-powered, heavy, thick as a brick monstrosities they were once and with so many heavyweights in the laptop market the prices have been going down and the quality has been going up. One of the most interesting laptops I have seen in a while is the new Aspire Ethos line of high-end mobile entertainment […]

ASUS UX21 – Ultrathin Core i7 Laptop

Sleek ultra thin and light laptops are the super models of the mobile computing world. Joining the Macbook Air and the Samsung Series 9 in strutting it’s stuff on the runway is the Asus UX21. With measurements of 1.1kgs, 17mm at its thickest point and an Intel Core i7 processor for a brain all wrapped up in an all aluminium body […]

Chrome OS and Chromebook – Simplicity, Security and Speed

Google is the undisputed king of search but over the last few years it has been spreading it’s tentacles out in an effort to diversity it’s portfolio and strategically position itself so that it is not too dependent on another company’s platform or service. Google’s tentacle spreading has been hit and miss with the likes Gmail […]

MacBook Air and FLASH-based Hard Drives: The Quest for Instant On

History is always a good thing to sequester when dealing with electronic gadgets, and Apple Inc. is no exception. They always deliver the goods, be it a new device, the Apple iPad, the Apple iPhone 4, refreshed Apple iPod Nano, Apple iPod Touch, Apple iPod Shuffle, and the Apple iTV all deserving of their own special blog articles – as soon as they become newsworthy, as all the Tech News uproar is STILL Tablet- centric, Silicon Valley still smarting from its sudden appearance out of nowhere, tackled, like American football, to the ground straight out of left field. But the spotlight is still on the recent “one more thing” event hosted by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, in which invitations were sent out, shaped like an Apple Logo being cut out of paper, turnstile 3D oriented and an image of a Lion in the background. Trademark Apple, keeping all their cards to their chest until the last minute only to leave you hanging in suspense as the Apple Fanboys feed on the rumours. But when the event landed on Wednesday 20th October 2010, the obvious was true: The Lion was indeed the name for the latest iteration of Mac OS, specifically called Mac 10.7 Lion, the eight major Operating System release for the Mac, with specs only a true Apple Fanboy would gush over.

So when it became apparent that aside from the new OS, there was also a revamp of the now famously pricey ultra-portable laptop du jeur, the Apple MacBook Air, everyone (gasp!) was tackled from left field, akin to the football play, yet again! An alignment of two (2) older products to the interactive iOS 4.0 Platform was totally unexpected, but reasonable, given prior predictions from CNET Blog Network Writer Brooke Crothers. Indeed, with such an excellent product and specs for the Tech types to drool over for the older model, the specs of the newer model seems very blasé, most notable being the fact that at least CNET Blog Network Writer Brooke Crothers was spot on with one prediction – the 11.6” screen along with the regular 13”screen, the 11.6” screen effectively a Netbook, albeit disappointingly not an end-to-end Gorilla Glass screen. But wait there just a second! Still drool-worthy is the concept introduced by Apple MacBook Air, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs emphatically insists is not a NetBook, is an improvement of a previous concept built on by the previous Apple MacBook Air, that being the concept of Instant-On. This, folks, is a game changer for not only the Laptop but the Netbook world, as low power and Instant-On are characteristics of tablets – or should I say THE Tablet, the Apple iPad. So how did Apple achieve this noteworthy game changing feat? Thus my quest for knowledge begins from the same CNET Blog Network Writer Brooke Crothers and his informative article on the advent of managed NAND. Read more about MacBook Air and FLASH-based Hard Drives: The Quest for Instant On

One Laptop Per Child XO-3 Concept

The concept form of the latest version of the $100 laptop was unveiled recently. The touchscreen tablet-like device was shown off my the One Laptop Per Child Group who are a non-profit organization which aims to allow children in the developing world to have access to affordable technology.

XO-3 is expected to be put into use in 2012 and cost around $75. It will replace the current models of $100 laptops currently in use by the OLPC and the booklike XO-2 model displayed previously will be shelved. Read more about One Laptop Per Child XO-3 Concept