Kindle Fire vs Nook Color and Apple iPad 2 – Despite the Specs the Price is Still Right

In my last article Amazon lights a Kindle Fire as a Gladiator worthy of the Apple iPad, I likened the newly minted Amazon Kindle Fire to a Gladiator ready to do battle against the Apple iPad 2. But is that really the case? Is this an evenly matched fight between two (2) Corporate titans? Or […]

Amazon launches HTML5 Kindle Cloud Reader

The Kindle brand has welcomed a new service to the family in the form of the Kindle Cloud Reader  a HTML5-based reading application accessible from a web browser. Currently only a few browsers are supported namely Google Chrome and Safari on a PC, Mac or iPad. Being built with HTML5 is advantageous in that it theoretically allows Kindle Cloud Reader […]

Amazon to give birth to family of Android devices? is the biggest online retailer in the world selling everything from office supplies to socks. They started selling books but branched off into almost anything consumers would want. Their e-reader “Kindle” was introduced in late 2007 and now into it’s third generation has been a resounding success. Amazon raised a few eyebrows recently when out of the blue it announced […]