Pebble Time promises a smartwatch to rain on Apple Watch’s Parade

Pebble has done it again…..on no less a place than Kickstarter. This as their latest smartwatch, Pebble Time, has smashed all previous records, hitting its initial US$500,000 goal in less than seventeen (17) minutes after going live on Wednesday February 25th 2015! Wait, more impressive stats coming that has already earned it a spot in […]

US$40 PowerUp 3.0 Module that makes you a Paper Plane Top Gun

Christmas’s past I’ve suggested gadgets that’ll make the office fun and terrorize your pets! Christmas 2011 brings back memories of the Yapper Zapper gadget I’d suggested in Yapper Zapper is the illegal must-have gift for the New Year. So I’ve decided to go off the beaten track again this year in suggesting a must-have Gadget […]