FLOW goes 3D HDTV et al – Netflix to make FLOW Extinct

FLOW Jamaica will be launching a slew of products by the First Quarter of 2012AD, namely: 300Mbps Broadband Internet speeds 3D HDTV Cable TV packages made possible by this speed increase A TV-Anywhere Concept akin to Comcast XFinity 1GBps product Cloud-Based Video Services, similar to Digicel as per my article “Digicel’s Cloud Backup Services – […]

Jamaica’s Low Net Penetration – Broadband Internet A Universal Right

Here in the Developing World, such as out little island of Jamaica, there is little interest in PCs or Laptops, which are mostly seen as “bling” to have for the purpose of playing, downloading and burning music and movies. The results of the recently released statistics from an island-wide Caribbean ICT Indicators and Broadband Survey […]