LIME Officially launches iPhone 4s in Jamaica

An official Apple press release spoke of it’s coming in new markets and exactly 3 months since it first debuted in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan the iPhone 4s has officially landed in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean courtesy of LIME. The ultra popular phone and best selling iPhone yet, was revealed at a press event at LIME’s Carlton Store […]

iPhone 4S Officially Invades Caribbean on January 13

An Apple press released yesterday announced that the iPhone 4s would be officially available in China and 21 additional countries on Friday, January 13. A sizable chunk of those 21 countries are Caribbean islands. No word yet on carriers and prices but it would be interesting to see how it compares with North America and Europe. Caribbean countries in bold: Beginning […]

Siri and Kinect: Heralds of a coming world free of Remote Controls

The recent debut of the Apple iPhone 4S with its sexy voiced talking Assistant named Siri hearkens to a future straight out of star trek, where people can talk to computers. My article entitled Apple iPhone 4S PostMortem – Siri Voice Assistant and iMessage Rock defended the Apple iPhone 4S, pointing out it was something […]

Apple iPhone 4S Post Mortem – Siri Voice Assistant and iMessage Rock

The Apple iPhone 4S launched on Tuesday October 4th 2011AD to much media fanfare in the private cozy setting of Apple’s Town Hall Room at their Headquarters in Cupertino, California located at the Infinite Loop Drive. CEO Tim Cook was the Master of Ceremonies in his own style, with his “Cook” Notes as they may soon come […]

Apple iPhone 4S officially unveiled

Apple has just announced and detailed their new offerings, and while there is no news on a new iPad or an all new iPhone 5 there is still plenty to be excited about on the iOS, iPod and iPhone fronts. The most significant announcement was the iPhone 4S, Apples latest phone which although it looks exactly […]