Minecraft Apple iPhone and iPad making brick building Games Social

Minecraft has in November 2011AD gone to the Apple iPad and Apple iPhone as a downloadable customized official app according to website CNET. This in keeping with my peepers could see back then last year in my article MineCraft – Indie hit is Social Gaming’s Cinderella. First last year’s stale news. As of December 2nd […]

Amazon sells 5.5 million Kindle Fires in Fourth Quarter 2012 – Apple iPad sales drop and plans January Press Event

Happy New Year to all my loyal Fans of my posts! If you can read this, then your tech spirit is still alive despite the lackluster showing of innovation at the CES (Computer Electronics Show) 2012AD, my early out-take on a year that is already set to be dominated by Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and Amazon […]

Apple needs to consider a 7” Tablet as the million-selling Amazon Kindle Fire is Razor Sharp

The Amazon Kindle Fire is on a roll. Or if you are a fan of cliché phrases, they are on Fire. According to Amazon’s Press Release on Thursday December 15th 2011, they were selling one million of these 7” inch lollipops of Netflix and e-book nirvana per week. Now although I am gainfully employed at […]

Amazon Kindle Fire vs the Apple iPad – The Stats Wars worth Reading About

The Amazon Kindle Fire is certainty putting on the heat on the Apple iPad. So was my presumption in my two (2) prior articles. First I jumped the gun and declared the Amazon Kindle a worth opponent, a well baked ham sliced neatly in my article Amazon lights a Kindle Fire as a Gladiator worthy […]

Nintendo and Sony vs Smartphones and Tablets: Post – Portable Gaming Era

It looks like I have what Jamaicans refer to a “Goat mouth”: I speak and it happens. The reason for my observation? A barebones article of mine on the slow death of Console Gaming titled Console Gaming’s Downfall – Future is up in the Clouds appears to be coming to pass, as evidence of its […]

Kindle Fire vs Nook Color and Apple iPad 2 – Despite the Specs the Price is Still Right

In my last article Amazon lights a Kindle Fire as a Gladiator worthy of the Apple iPad, I likened the newly minted Amazon Kindle Fire to a Gladiator ready to do battle against the Apple iPad 2. But is that really the case? Is this an evenly matched fight between two (2) Corporate titans? Or […]