How Passwords are Cracked: Never Use one Password on All Accounts

One-for-all passwords. Recently I was helping a client configure Outlook 2010 to use 4 email addresses I had earlier created. Those email addresses were created using his custom domain on Instead of logging in and out 4 times to check each account on, I told him it would be easier to use Outlook 2010 which […]

Digicel to Acquire Jamaica’s Telstar Cable

Digicel has reached an agreement to acquire  cable television, broadband and telephony services company Telstar Cable pending the approval of Jamaica’s Broadcasting Commission. Digicel has acquired a number of cable and internet companies throughout the Caribbean in recent months but Telstar Cable is its largest acquisition yet though financial details of the purchase has not been made public. […]

61% of all Traffic on the Internet is generated by bots

“The common denominator for this group is that all of its members are trying to assume someone else’s identity. For example, some of these bots use browser user-agents while others try to pass themselves as search engine bots or agents of other legitimate services. The goal is always the same — to infiltrate their way […]

Nifty DIY for downloading any Audio or Video File from your Internet Browser’s Cache

If you read my article How to download Videos from any website without installing software using Savefrom it should strike you, as it did me, that something is decidedly amiss. Here is a website, Savefrom, that downloads from the Browser. No file installation required. So effectively, all this time, when you downloading and installing all […]

How to download Videos from any website without installing software using Savefrom

In the process of blogging about everything from smartphones to Autonomous Robots (ants are my heroes!) I need ever so often to download a video. Unfortunately the St. Andrew Parish Library is very primitive….as in poorly updated Browsers and slow Internet! Cho! The fastest computers, again are the Research Machines upstairs. Unless you visit CNET […]

How to expand and secure your Wi-Fi Network with Power-Line Adaptors

If you’ve got Broadband Internet from FLOW of LIME, you probably may have noticed that you can’t get Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n) everywhere in the house. Some part of your house may have thicker walls with more metallic structures. As such, metal i.e. steel, zinc nails, iron grills attenuate radio waves and thereby shorten the 100m […]

How to Use your custom Domain Name with

Normally when you sign up for an online email service such as or, your email address points to the domain name of the email provider. So if you sign up for a Gmail email account your email address is displayed as, or whatever the domain is of your email provider. Normally this […]