IBM’s advent of Mind Reading as Samsung patents Astral Projection Tech as the next Big Thing

Last December (that’s 2011), IBM (International Business Machines) put out its annual “5-in5” prediction of five (5) technological shifts that will dominate the World for the next five (5) years until we get bored and desire more tech to make out already lazy lives even lazier. This list of predictions makes for interesting (and troubling!) reading: […]

Sequoia Supercomputer takes World Fastest Crown

For the first time since November 2009, a United States supercomputer sits atop the TOP500 list of the world’s top supercomputers. Named Sequoia, the IBM BlueGene/Q system installed at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory achieved an impressive 16.32 petaflop/s on the Linpack benchmark using 1,572,864 cores. Sequoia is also one of the […]

IBM and the Watson

IBM (International Business Machines), affectionately called Big Blue, has been making headlines for its various research initiatives. There was the improving of the efficiency in the manufacturing process of microchips in collaboration with the Diamond Consortium from the EU (European Union). IBM also developed a Solar-powered Desalination Plant for the city of Al-Khafji in collaboration […]