Samsung singing a different Note a boon for Apple and Huawei

Samsung has been facing some major issues with its Note 7 device and has officially pulled the plug on the smartphone. The company has decided to permanently discontinue the production of the device due to faults causing the battery to overheat and explode. This has undoubtedly attracted negative attention, and is by far one of […]

Huawei Mate 8 brings privacy with Kirin 950’s TrustZone and secure OS

Privacy and security are two (2) of the main of concerns for all modern users living in an always connected environment, especially if their daily productivity depends on it.  Within this context how can we boost the security measures in our smartphones, beyond having secure passwords? The answer to this question rests both in software […]

The Huawei Experience Store and their Unlocked Dual-SIM Smartphones

The Huawei Experience Store located at Shop No. 10 in Tropical Plaza Half-Way-Tree is a very interesting Experience Store indeed! So much so, I was actually scheduled to do a series smartphone reviews over the week, but I was so excited, I decided to pop in and scope out the smartphones on sale in the […]