How APC’s Mobile Power Pack save Millennials from Smartphone Death

The smartphone is indisputably one of the most indispensible aspects of both our personal and professional lives. While tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC giants battle for marketshare, APC’s Mobile Power Pack is making sure that users don’t suffer in the meantime. The smartphone market, which was seen as […]

How CES 2016 is going VR thanks to HTC, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung and Oculus

It should come as no surprise that, advertisers are casting their wistful eyes at VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) for 2016. Virtual Reality gaming is expected to be huge in 2016 if the buzz at GamesCom 2015 in Germany was any indication of its potential to save the Video Game Console industry. Predictably, […]

Facebook Home announced alongside HTC First

At a press event today in California Facebook has announced a new software for Android phones called Facebook Home. Facebook Home is a suite of apps that integrates the world’s largest social network almost every functionality of an android-powered smartphone. The mobile web is an area Facebook is keep on cementing its presence in and […]

Apple’s Revolution: Android @ Home and IceCream Sandwich in 2015AD

The Apple iPhone is an honest to goodness, genuine revolution in the US Mobile smartphone space. The Apple iPhone revolutionized what a smartphone is, making unpopular AT&T a bonafide Rising Star. And now Google Android OS, that zany alphabet-soup food themed OS, is taking over that space along with the International Mobile smartphone space! But […]