HP allows webOS to go Open source

After buying Palm last year for over a billion dollars and acquiring the much touted webOS mobile operating system as part of the package HP has pulled the plug on direct development of the webOS platform instead choosing to release the source code to the open source development community. Press release HP today announced it […]

Meet the HP Slate 2 – Win 7 tablet aimed at businesses and professionals

HP may haved killed off it’s WebOS powered tablet offerings but it is going full steam ahead on the Windows tablet front. It’s latest offering being the HP Slate 2 the successor to the HP Slate 500. The HP Slate 2 is targeted at the enterprise market where HP hopes businesses and professionals looking to remain in the familiar Windows […]

WebOS powered HP TouchPad for US$99 – HP exits PC business in Apple’s Post-PC era

When we were an agrarian nation, all cars were trucks because that’s what you needed on the farms. Cars became more popular as cities rose, and things like power steering and automatic transmission became popular. PCs are going to be like trucks. They are still going to be around…..only one out of x people will […]

HP and Web OS – 2011 is the Year of the Linux on PC

Hewlett-Packard, the little printing company that makes possibly the best if not the greatest printers in the world, is pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to diversifying your business. Already they are No. 2 PC (Personal Computer) and Laptop maker globally, thanks to buying Compaq and making rebranded versions of their PC […]

HP and the TouchPad – Release the WebOS and the Developers will Smile

HP is now in everyone’s sights, showing up on my radar, as WebOS is now official news since their launch on Wednesday February 9th 2011 in San Francisco, California. As usual, a bit of a background where HP and Tablets are concerned! After all, unlike the other entrants to the Tablet market, they are famous for […]

HP’s New Ultra-Thin, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC

With the current revolution taking place in the Touch Screen and Tablet PC market, especially since the release of the iPad, many manufacturers refuse to be left out of the growing trend and hope to capture their own chunk of the tech pie. HP has jumped in the race with its HP EliteBook 2740p, Ultra-thin, Multi-touch, Convertible Tablet and notebook PC set to be available in the US in April of this year for as much as $1,599. As usual, the coolest gadgets always seem to be out of my affordable price range.

EliteBook 2740p convertible tablet

With its innovation, HP hopes to provide a rich interactive experience for businesses in health care, education, sales, etc. and improve manageability, productivity and mobility for the mobile professional. Read more about HP’s New Ultra-Thin, Multi-Touch, Tablet PC