How to remove Rootkit Virus or Hidden Folder Virus using Bootable Rescue Discs

If like me you fix computers for a livin’, you may have encountered this problem: a persistent Virus on a customer’s computer that just won’t go away. Rootkits and Trojans fall into this category; conventional Windows Antiviral methods are useless against them. Apple users don’t laugh; you get viruses too as I’d revealed in my […]

How to download Videos from any website without installing software using Savefrom

In the process of blogging about everything from smartphones to Autonomous Robots (ants are my heroes!) I need ever so often to download a video. Unfortunately the St. Andrew Parish Library is very primitive….as in poorly updated Browsers and slow Internet! Cho! The fastest computers, again are the Research Machines upstairs. Unless you visit CNET […]

How to protect and prevent your Laptop or PC Keyboard keys from Fading

If you read my article How to use Windows Shortcuts to be a more proficient Writer on Keyboard shortcuts that’ll help you to become a more proficient typist, you’ll realize how it is important to care for your keyboard. After all, it stops working or gets severely worn (usually due to very long snails, bad […]