How Information Technology powers ReadyTV’s Wireless Pay-Per-View HDTV

“As an IT Technician I have to install and configure multiple cable TV head-end equipments, monitor and analyze the quality and performance of our TV network as well as maintain and support IT infrastructure here at ReadyTV” IT/IP Technician ReadyTV, Andre-Marc Peart, explain his role at ReadyTV Jamaica’s first digital subscription television service provider, Ready […]

Sony Introduces 2014 Bravia LED HDTV Line-up

Sony Electronics today unveiled its 2014 BRAVIA Full HD TV line-up, offering a variety of new features and screen sizes, and each powered by Sony’s widely-acclaimed X-Reality™ PRO picture engine, bringing stunning images to life from any source. The new models – W950B-, W850B-, W800B- and W600B-series – complement Sony’s new 4K Ultra HD TV […]

FLOW goes 3D HDTV et al – Netflix to make FLOW Extinct

FLOW Jamaica will be launching a slew of products by the First Quarter of 2012AD, namely: 300Mbps Broadband Internet speeds 3D HDTV Cable TV packages made possible by this speed increase A TV-Anywhere Concept akin to Comcast XFinity 1GBps product Cloud-Based Video Services, similar to Digicel as per my article “Digicel’s Cloud Backup Services – […]

3D HDTV – Next Big Thing or Next Big Niche

The recently concluded CES (Computer Electronics Show) 2011 is now a strong signpost for the future of 3D HDTV, which despite its launch back at CES 2010 and subsequent announcements by Samsung, Panasonic, has made very few gains into the mainstream American market. Booth babes and celebrity guest appearances by such luminaries as Lady Gaga aside, here is the buzz word people: Universal Glasses or even better “Glasses-Free” 3D HDTV’s. So with these recent changes, is 3D HDTV the Next Big Thing?…or the next Big Niche?

Toshiba’s announcement in August of 2010, Nintendo and the 3D glasses free DS handheld [3] slated for a February 2011 release as far back as September 2010 were signs. Even venerable innovation titan Apple pushing out their Apple-Cart (get it?!) and joining the 3D bandwagon by introducing their patented take on 3D glasses-less displays in early December 2010. ALL three, not just Apple alone this time, were ahead of the curve post 3D TV CES 2010. Put that in your oven and bake it, Las Vegas! Read more about 3D HDTV – Next Big Thing or Next Big Niche