How to track any Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung smartphone

So you’ve been gifted a smartphone by your significant other. A question then: how do you recover the smartphone if it becomes lost? How to track any Google Android or Apple iPhone – Preinstalled Apps are your true friends If it’s a Google Android, Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet, make sure before […]

Blackberry’s Neon, Argon and Mercury are Elements of Surprise Comeback

Blackberry is a true Fighter and today has earned my deepest respect! Yes, for those of you who forgot about Blackberry, FLOW Jamaica still supports these smartphones as described in FLOW Jamaica’s Blackberry Plans support Trailblazers of Mobile Internet. Rather than roll over and admit defeat due to the slow sales of the Blackberry Passport, […]

Google Android Apps will finally run on Chromebooks

Google Android and Google Chrome have finally come together…sorta. Great timing, as this coincides with Google I/O 2016 which has exploded on the scene on Wednesday May 18th 2016, which I’ll be writing about in a bit. Actually, Google has finally made their Android Apps available for touchscreen Chromebooks; this means that the Chromebook Pixel […]

How to stop Facebook and Messenger from draining your battery

Looks like Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Pages Manager Apps may be bad for your smartphone’s health. A dual study conducted by the UK Guardian Newspaper, found that these Apps severely reduce the following on your Google Android smartphone or Apple iPhone: 20% reduction in the battery life for Google Android 15% reduction in the battery […]

Why the Rise of ad-Blockers is killing free Publisher and App Content

While Digicel and ECTEL argue about blocking ads on your smartphones smartphone makers and developers have taken matters into their own hands. Ad-blocker are now all the rage on Google Android and Apple iPhones users are pretty much fed up with Ad popping up in their apps as well as News websites. The so-called In-App advertising […]

Why Android Fragmentation Worsens as Apple iOS 8 adoption almost complete

There are many who say I’m biased toward Apple, choosing only to highlight the Negative stuff about Google Android. To all my readers I assure you, I am not biased; I’m just a statistics nerd, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Style. Fragmentation is a real problem for Google Android smartphone users, exacerbated by the fact […]

Android Browser Security unfixed as Google wants you to Upgrade to Lollipop

“Keeping software up to date is one of the greatest challenges in security,” Adrian Ludwig wrote. Because the browser App is based on a version of the WebKit browser engine that’s now more than two years old, fixing the vulnerability in Android Jelly Bean and earlier versions is “no longer practical to do safely” Google’s […]