Samsung Galaxy S6 unleashes a “Gold Fever”

Golden Years Historically, gold has been both in vogue and obsolete. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s, an era known for hoop earrings, heavy gold necklaces and powerful shoulder pads, that gold really had its chance to shine. Today, after more than two decades in the shadow of other colors, there are several indicators that […]

Usain Bolt Gold iPod Touch

Three-time Olympic gold medalist and triple world record holder Usain Bolt now has his own limited edition Apple iPod Touch. The “Usain Bolt Gold iPod” is embellished in 24ct. hardened gold and all of the 500 units that will be produced comes complete with a lifetime warranty against scratching or fading.


The iPod Touch will feature Usain’s signature and his famous pose engraved on the back of the device and this sporting memorabilia is an ideal acquisition or gift for the collector and sporting enthusiast of Usain Bolt’s historic achievements to date. Read more about Usain Bolt Gold iPod Touch