Google Contact Lenses with Cameras will be Next-Gen Google Glass Smartphone Replacement

Google has gone and done it with this most recent patent filing in March 2014 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that puts out there the idea of a pair of Contact Lenses with Cameras built in. If Google Glass wasn’t creepy enough, Google has decided to up the ante with Contact Lenses that […]

Google Glass specs revealed

Google Glass is inching closer to and closer to ending up in the hands of consumers. Speculation about its specs can come to and end now and Google has revealed the technical details of what is inside its Google Glass offering. Google Glass will feature a high-resolution display that Google claims is “the equivalent of a 25 […]

Project Glass – new video and Limited Pre-orders

Ever since Project Glass was revealed by Google in April 2012 I have followed the project’s development. Information on the project is sparse and since Google I/O last June there hasn’t been much new information. That changed today with a new video, images and information about limited pre-orders for “explorers”. In the US? Apply to get an […]

Google I/O recap – Nexus Tablet, Jelly Bean, Google Glasses and more

Google I/O is underway and the Keynote address to start things off could have been very overwhelming with the torrent of information, products and even live skydiving that was shown off. Below is a quick synopsis of the major announcements of the Google I/O keynote in a more easy to absorb bite sized format, you […]

“Project Glass” by Google – Augmented Reality Glasses for the masses

Google has unveiled “Project Glass” a long rumored project that incorporates a headsup display in a pair og glasses that uses various Google products to assist a person thoughout everyday activities from checking the weather, to buying things online, to sending emails, to traffic alerts, even accessing indoor or outdoor maps. Technology advances such as […]