GraceKennedy’s Innovation Lab planning to launch a GK MPay cryptocurrency

GraceKennedy has plans for their MPay platform. They’ve been buying companies left right and center with an aim to hit $100 billion in annual revenue before 2020 via acquisitions in overseas markets. The food and financial services company has 50 subsidiaries in the following territories: The Caribbean United States United Kingdom Europe Canada Africa They’ve […]

JCCUL Shutters CONEC Mobile Wallet, leaving Quisk and MPay in the Race

“It was going to take a lot of education and information, a lot of building out among clients and merchant base….The league had to re-examine its strategic goals and the area that it had to put its resources. We had a number of areas that we felt were of greater priority than the wallet” JCCUL […]

How to get Jamaicans to use Quisk, GK MPay for more than just Phone Credit

“We are gaining acceptance, concentrating on customer education and working on the right mix to make signing up and use of GK MPay more simple and seamless” GraceKennedy Group CEO Don Wehby commenting on the progress of GK MPay, their mobile wallet launched in February 2017 It’s been 10 months since GraceKennedy launched GK MPay, […]

#Switchtoflow promo gives you a Huawei Y3 Lite smartphone as Champs beckons

Do you still have an active Digicel phone? Now would be a great time to port across to FLOW Jamaica and get a Huawei Y3 Lite for only $3,000+GCT plus a SIM card….like the @FLOWjamaica tweets says: Get the Huawei Y3 Lite for only $3,000+GCT plus a SIM card loaded with value when you #SwitchToFlow! […]

FLOW Jamaica and GraceKennedy Winnings a Run Promotion for GK MPay

GraceKennedy is certainly pulling out all the stops to market their Mobile money platform, GK MPay! I’d covered the event as per my ditty GraceKennedy Money Services launches GK MPay Mobile Money. Now they’re teamed up with FLOW Jamaica in their Winnings a Run Promotion as shown below. The promotion began on Friday March 17th […]

GK MPay Mobile Money – Mobile App Overview

GK MPay is Grace Kennedy’s new branded mobile money service that was launched recently. It allows users to conduct monetary transactions, including paying for goods and services, from a virtual account. This account can be topped up and is connected to a bank account. GK MPay is a regulated virtual account that cuts a lot […]

GraceKennedy Money Services launches GK MPay Mobile Money

“GKMS handles a lot of financial transactions from all over the world.  Our own internal systems are best-in-class and have very stringent compliance and security features” Vice President of Business Development at GKMS, Michael McNaughton commenting on their new GK MPay, mobile money service solution GKMS (GraceKennedy Money Services) has, yet again, raised the technological […]