In-App Purchasing falters as Freemium In-App Advertising Rises

“This suggests that – as we have previously noted – the early days of life are absolutely vital when it comes to ‘converting’ Freemium players on mobile. It is imperative to make every effort to put the right experiences and offers in front of players from the very moment they begin play in order to […]

The Jamaica Gleaner now has Cloud Based Games on its website

Panem et circenses  (Bread and Circus Games) Juvenal, Satires, X It appears that The Jamaica Gleaner has finally decided to get its game head on as it’s slowly fading out of the Media Game. The Jamaica Gleaner apparently is getting into Games in modest way, launching Cloud Gaming Flash-based versions of popular The Jamaica Gleaner […]

Android Market re-branded Google Play in a effort to better showcase digital content

Google has re-branded Android Market in it’s latest effort to attract a bigger piece of the digital pie. With services like Google Music, Google Books etc it seemed that the big G was splinttered and unorganized agaist the likes of iTunes and Amazon who have more streamlined and accessible systems. Google Play is (hopefully) the […]

Casual Games Coming to Google+

The Google+ train continues to roll with the announcement that casual games are coming to buzzing (no pun intended) social network. Casual games like Farmville are a big part of what makes Facebook so addictive and Google, not surprisingly, is wasting no time in introducing gaming to Google+. The implementation is promised to not be […]