How Samsung’s Bio-Processor taps into the Growing Mobile Health Market in 2016

“With improvements in smart, fitness devices and an increase in consumer health consciousness, more and more people are looking for ways to monitor various personal bio-data, or fitness data, to constantly manage their health. Samsung’s Bio-Processor, which can process five different biometric signals, is the most versatile health and fitness monitoring chip available on the […]

Moov Now the motivational Personal Trainer in a Fitness Tracker

“It looks like a tracker, but it’s not,” she tells Business Insider. “We think counting steps is not enough. This is why we built a coach.” Moov’s CEO and co-founder, Meng Li commenting on the introduction of the Moov Now Fitness Tracker You might be forgiven if you thought I was a big fan of […]

Why the Garmin Forerunner 225 is the Pro-Athelete’s Fitness Tracker

Garmin is one of the more athletic of the fitness trackers out there. Sure, the other fitness trackers are great at tracking your general activity and are a curio of readouts that’ll keep those not serious about exercise fascinated. But being No. 3 in IDC stats over the past two (2) years as listed in […]

Why the US$20 Misfit Flash is a Multi-purpose Swimming Sleep Fitness Tracker

A lot of Fitness Trackers are on the market that have multiple functions. This multi-functionality is becoming a necessary weapon of choice as competition in the two (2) year old Wearables business is booming as pointed out by analyst IDC in the article Analyst IDC logs Wearables Profitable in Q1 2015 Fitness Tracker Business. Take […]