Editorial: Amazon Fire Phone

Kemory Grubb – Associate Editor Jeff Bezos described the phone as one that was built for Amazon Prime members. The phone is built on a fork of the Android Open Source Project, which means its Android 4.2 stripped of all Google’s closed source services/apps. So Amazon is replacing Google Play Services with Amazon Prime, this not much […]

Amazon Fire is a Volkswagen for Amazon Prime subscribers that’ll drive shop-on-the-go Online Obsession

The US$199 Amazon Fire smartphone on a 2 year contract is already destined for superstardom, as it’s got great genes like its parents, the7” Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet launched in 2011 and the Amazon Fire TV recently launched in April 2014. It’s already a part of the great tradition of products that Amazon has launching that […]

Introducing Fire, the First Smartphone Designed by Amazon

Amazon today unveiled Fire, the first smartphone designed by Amazon. Fire is the only smartphone with Dynamic Perspective and Firefly, two new breakthrough technologies that allow you to see and interact with the world through a whole new lens. Dynamic Perspective uses a new sensor system to respond to the way you hold, view, and […]

Amazon is Legally Blonde as the Kindle Fire HD Upgrade is CEO Bezos’s Confessions of an Online Shopaholic

The Amazon Kindle Fire launch on Thursday September 6th 2012 in Santa Monica, California got the major Press Release treatment on our blog by Chief Editor Kelroy in his article Amazon Introduces new Kindle Fire HD Family of Tablets. Locally, as many Jamaicans with deep pockets ponder buying their little one the new Kindle Fire HD, […]

Amazon Introduces new Kindle Fire HD Family of Tablets

Less than one year ago, Amazon introduced Kindle Fire—combining 15 years of innovation into a fully-integrated, end-to-end service for customers. Kindle Fire quickly became the most successful product launch in the history of Amazon.com, earning over 10,000 5-star customer reviews, remaining the #1 best-selling product across the millions of items available on Amazon since its […]

Apple needs to consider a 7” Tablet as the million-selling Amazon Kindle Fire is Razor Sharp

The Amazon Kindle Fire is on a roll. Or if you are a fan of cliché phrases, they are on Fire. According to Amazon’s Press Release on Thursday December 15th 2011, they were selling one million of these 7” inch lollipops of Netflix and e-book nirvana per week. Now although I am gainfully employed at […]