SRC 2017 Science Fair applications extended to March 17, coming April 7

“[the objective of the Science fair] is to get students to put into action what (they) learn in the classroom, and also to emphasise the importance of invention and innovation to national development” Coordinator for science and technology education at the SRC, Amanda McKenzie, speaking about the SRC 2017 Science Fair Science Fair lovers, your […]

Blue Mountain Renewables to build US$90 million 34 MW Wind Farm by December 2014

BMR (Blue Mountain Renewables) has finally scored a 20-year IPP (Independent Power Provider) Deal with JPS Co (Jamaica Public Service Company) as of Tuesday June 24th 2014. This is to supply some 34 MW of Wind Energy from their Wind Farm that’s located, ironically, just beside JPS Co’s 3 MW Wind Farm at Munro, St […]

Blue Mountain Renewables – Wind Energy Contender in a 115MW Alternative Energy Contract dominated by Solar

With WWFL (Wigton Wind Farm Limited) as the main front-runner for Wind Energy in Jamaica as explained in Wind Energy is Jamaica’s Oil as PCJ ramps up Wigton Wind Farms for 320 million kWh and a possible shoe-in to be supplier for the 115MW of Renewable Energy to the Electricity Grid, one would think there’d […]

Wind Energy is Jamaica’s Oil as PCJ ramps up Wigton Wind Farms for 320 million kWh

“With our current focus on utilising our natural resources to address our Energy challenges, both the government and the private sector need credible information to make development and investment decisions about viable Energy solutions” Interview with WWFL (Wigton Wind Farms Limited) General Manager, Earl Barrett as published Friday, August 23, 2013 in the Jamaica Observer […]

Wigton Wind Farm: Origins and Future Development of Wind Energy in Jamaica

Wigton Wind Farm, located on Wigton Plantation in Manchester, has a history typical of most large companies like JAMALCO: it’s located on Lands that used to belong to a Plantation owner, in this case a man from Scotland named M. Wigton. His grave marks land that was once part of St. Elizabeth. The parish of […]

JPS Co Analog Meter upgrade heralds Remote Billing Revolution

Competition in the Electricity Generation section of Jamaica’s Energy Sector is coming. Despite the words of JPS Co (Jamaica Power Service Company) CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Dan Theoc, the basic framework as laid out by the previous Minister of Energy and Mining Clive Mullings already makes competition possible for Canadian debutante Solamon Energy Corp as pointed […]

Green RG in Jamaica to make Solar Power Gear

Every revolution was first a thought in one man’s mind – Emerson, Essays: History As the title says, we Jamaican have been under some serious laps in that treadmill called Research. An American-based Green RG Management LLC, better knows as Green RG, has had us under such Guinea pig testing since June 2011AD, when they and […]

Solamon Energy Corporation to build Caribbean’s Largest Solar Plant – Jamaica to get a Green Energy Boost

Folks, looks like I spoke to soon yet again! In my earlier this year entitled Digicel Jamaica’s Alternative Energy Future – Increased Electricity Bills and Energy Sector Opportunities collide I predicted that Digicel would go into Alternative Energy as they were already holders of the title of “Greenest Building in the Caribbean”. Alas, it appears […]