How Check Point says Hackers can gain remote access to WhatsApp and Telegram

“The exploitation of this vulnerability starts with the attacker sending an innocent looking file to the victim, which contains malicious code, Once the user clicks to open it, the malicious file allows the attacker to access WhatsApp’s and Telegram’s local storage, where user data is stored” Check Point explaining in a blog post the security […]

Why Viber and WhatsApp going E2EE as Telecom Providers need encryption

Looks like an encryption battle is looming in Silicon Valley! As of Tuesday April 19th 2016, Viber, the VoIP and mobile Social Network wannabee, has implemented end-to-end or E2EE encryption on all their communications as per their blog post Giving Our Users Control Over Their Private Conversations. E2EE will be rolling out to the rest […]