Save up to 20-50% on your electricity bill using powerpree.

How To Save 20-50% On Your Electricity Bill Using PowerPree

Yo! Why Pree!? A PowerPree eh-nuh.. Ever asked yourself: Why am I paying so much for your electricity bill? I am conserving on power usage but why are my monthly bills not reflecting such? You are not alone my friends! Jamaicans are all too familiar with the high cost of electricity over the years – […]

JPS Co Analog Meter upgrade heralds Remote Billing Revolution

Competition in the Electricity Generation section of Jamaica’s Energy Sector is coming. Despite the words of JPS Co (Jamaica Power Service Company) CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Dan Theoc, the basic framework as laid out by the previous Minister of Energy and Mining Clive Mullings already makes competition possible for Canadian debutante Solamon Energy Corp as pointed […]