The Bahamas Blockchain will be a Digital Paradise for FinTech start-ups

“The production of a modern fully digital payment service is the way forward for this era of governance. A digital Bahamian currency is especially important for the many family islands as they have seen many commercial banks downsize and pull out of their communities, leaving them without banking services. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of […]

GraceKennedy’s Innovation Lab planning to launch a GK MPay cryptocurrency

GraceKennedy has plans for their MPay platform. They’ve been buying companies left right and center with an aim to hit $100 billion in annual revenue before 2020 via acquisitions in overseas markets. The food and financial services company has 50 subsidiaries in the following territories: The Caribbean United States United Kingdom Europe Canada Africa They’ve […]

How Jamaicans can mine cryptocurrency via the Electroneum App

A new UK based cryptocurrency startup Electroneum will soon be launching a mobile mining feature in their smartphone. This will allow anyone with the app to get free Electroneum simply from running the app. At the moment Electroneum is currently working on beta testing the mobile mining function of the Android app and the mobile […]